The Thrill of Onions – Unique Gifts Make You Feel Special

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Sure, I know that the partners at McLain, Calhoun, McCullough, Clark & Co., P.C. were not thinking of me specifically this week, but I do know that they did think enough of me to add me to the list of people who receive their annual, unique gift.

Yes, I received my box of onions and I was simply delighted. I’ve been lucky enough to receive this gift for many years now and I don’t take it for granted. It seems special every year.

You see, McLain Calhoun is located in Vidalia, Georgia – you all know what that means when it comes to onions, Vidalia onions are sweet and delicious.

How about your firm, are you recognizing your important clients and your valuable people by “remembering” them each year with a gift?

There are a lot of great ideas out there for gifts, but I met the people from Gifts On Time last fall and they make it easy for busy CPAs to schedule their gift-giving. They call it “gift management simplified.” One of the founders is actually a CPA – Ron Orleans.

I also encourage you to consider gifts for prospects. How can they refuse a phone call from someone who has sent them a nice gift. At my firm we did this all the time – – – send a letter, then a card, then a gift – then make a phone call.

I bet you never thought you would see a picture of me with onions! Maybe I should add it to my “Is that you with Rita?” album.

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