4 Tips for Writing Sales Goals in 2012

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It’s that time of year again…Do you need a jump-start on writing sales goals to submit to your new manager (or the old one)?  Here’s an outline to get you started:

Writing Sales GoalsStep One: When you work in sales, you start the New Year with a clean slate and view the new sales year as an opportunity for improvement.  List your sales goals and be specific. You may set a goal of increasing your yearly sales by $20,000 or increasing your number of clients by the end of the sales year. Write out your goals and post your goals on the wall to keep you inspired.

Step Two: Break your larger goals into mini-goals. If your primary objective is an additional $20,000 in sales, plan to achieve this goal over the course of 12 months. For example, you could increase monthly sales by at least $1,600 to reach your main goal. Create a timeline for reaching milestones. Write out each month and identify what you hope to accomplish before the month ends. Plan to achieve half of your sales goals by mid-year, or establish quarterly goals.

Step Three: Write down the steps needed to achieve your goals. Create a list of current sales tactics and then brainstorm new ways to improve your sales. Spend a couple of hours each day or week cold calling news businesses, pass out your business cards or brochures, follow up on previous interest or work a few extra hours each week.

Step Four:  Keep a record of your progress. Refer to your timeline at the end of each month and put a check next to each completed item or accomplishment. Make adjustments to next month’s goals as needed. For example, if your monthly sales were $200 less than your target, increase the next month’s goal by $200 to compensate for the shortfall.

Now its time to get working on developing your plan.  And don’t forget to reward your best customers with a gift fromGiftsOnTime.com!

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