4 Super Simple Ways to Get Your Prospects’ Attention

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Get Your Prospects AttentionBuild a Custom Landing Page 

For your, “most desired,” prospects, build a simple landing page that’s customized just for your prospect – provide them with an introduction, tools, resources, and information that are all relevant to their needs and shows them you understand their business.  See how to do it hereHow to Create a Landing Page.

Engage in THEIR Social Media Channels

Comment on their company’s blog, answer their questions on LinkedIn (see -> “More”, “Answers”), and follow them through Twitter.  You might be surprised how much feedback you get, and it’s not always about selling – it’s about staying top of mind.  Learn more hereHow To Use LinkedIn Answers.

Pay Attention to THEIR News

Set up RSS feeds and News Alerts for your prospects (either company’s name or individual’s name) – these are simple opportunities to stay in touch and recognize significant events for your prospects.  Google Alerts is a pretty easy and effective tool that we use.

Stand Out on Key Occasions

Sending gifts, for example, on key occasions such as business anniversaries, deal closings, proposal meetings, etc. will help you stand out.  Remember – when you send a gift, you create a reciprocal emotional bond between the giver and the recipient that will strengthen your business relationship.  See how we did it hereHow to Run an Effective Gift Giving Campaign.

Wondering about existing clients and customers?  Click here to download our free eBook to learn more about our thoughts on building stonger client relationships:  http://giftsontime.com/resources.php

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