5 Creative Ways to Beat Quarterly Sales Targets

Ways to Beat Your Sales GoalsIf you are in sales and feeling the pressure to beat quarterly sales targets, here are a few things to keep in mind beyond the obvious “The Customer Is Always Right”…

1. Give your customers the inside scoop

If your product or service is about to have a price reduction or promotion, communicate that to clients!  People love to feel as if they are getting a deal, and getting an email or phone call with a Head’s up about an upcoming bargain makes them feel like you care about them.

2. Develop a basic rewards program

Its not too late!  Loyalty should be rewarded.  Even if your company doesn’t have a formal Rewards Program in place, you can deliver a volume-based program to your best customers.  Let them know that the more they buy, the bigger the discount you’ll be able to provide.  Or, if they reach a pre-set buying goal, they will be rewarded with free products and services.  Just keep in mind there are Pros and Cons to every reward program.

3. Tier your customers

Every business has primary and secondary customers.  It’s important to know which customers fit in to which category and sell to them in a way that meets their specific needs. Rating your customers is not as difficult as you may think.  Primary customers have earned your attention.  They like to be reminded that they are special.  Secondary customers can turn in to Primary by communicating regularly with them, understanding their specific needs and creatively meeting those needs.  Prospecting for new customers? They fall into a third tier.  Sales strategies designed to target new customers are very different from customer-care based strategies.  What promotion tools make the most sense to promote your product, but stick with the marketing image you want to project? Do you track the different ways your promote your product so that you know which methods are most effective? Are you promoting on the Internet effectively?

4. Offer free samples.

The age-old sales weapon.  If your product or service is good and potential clients have an opportunity to try it, they may just like it well enough to buy.  Everyone loves free stuff!

5. Gift…Yes, GIFT is a verb! 

And finally, let your customers know they matter to you. The easiest and most special way to communicate that someone matters is with a gift.  You can spend as little as $25, or as much as $250.  A gift is a powerful sales tool and a great way to help beat quarterly sales targets.

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